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ProdAqua is an audiovisual production company that specializes in aquatic imaging and in images taken under difficult conditions (extreme sports, high and low temperatures, aerial images, etc.). Our passion for technology and for artistic expression, along with our ability to film anywhere, allows us to tell your most beautiful stories (ou most exciting adventures). Lastly, we are also devoted to helping you discover the underwater world and to raising awareness about its fragility.

In 2015 at the end of his studies in a Multimedia Program in Quebec City, Manuel founded the company. In 2017, the enterprise officially became a sole proprietorship. The young manager chose the "Phare de la Hague" as an emblem of ProdAqua, because this lighthouse is related to his family history. In fact, his great grandfather was the supervisor of this lighthouse for several years. Exploration and the marine environment are anchored in ProdAqua's soul. The company is characterized by its multiculturalism and its specialization in natural environments.

Some say that Manuel could be the next Jacques Cartier.

Specialized in aquatic imaging & in images taken under difficult conditions

in the whole world