Green Project

To ensure this project was a success, it was essential to produce identical lighting in the studio during all 5 days of shooting. To do this, we used specialised botanical lighting.

These twenty seconds of footage that took 5 days and 13 hours to film show the accelerated growth of these lentils. Our goal was to observe that which is not visible to the naked eye. Our expertise in time lapses worked flawlessly with the specific parameters of living organisms and with the long, uninterrupted shooting time required by this project. Our biggest challenges were to maintain the same lighting conditions day and night, to avoid mildew and flies as well as to water the plants discreetly.

Camera’s technical adjustment: f5.0 / Aperture 1/15 / iso 640 / interval 120 sec. Special thanks: Hélicia Hermann for her precious advice and her help in botany.

Nature, Timelapse
6 days