In development


EDLM is a series of episodes telling stories of Canadian ships (or ships who transported Canadians) during the Second World War in the English Channel. Each episode tell the story of a ship, submarine or other sunken building (planes,tanks...). We also discover the ship's crew and mission.

Format: 10 x 40 minutes
Broadcaster : Available

Filming: France

Submerged village - TOUS

A 25-minute documentary retracing Tous's history through archive footage of the accident, interviews and dives. We discover old houses of the the village, the churh who is still standing today and artifacts. You'll discover the new dam and the locals reaction when this new dam was announced.

Format: 1 x 25 minutes
Broadcaster : Available

Filimg: Spain


Quebecers of the seasis a tribute to the Quebec's ancestral marine culture. We follow all the most unexpected adventures of these people, in open sea or in an aquatic environment.

Format: 6 x 40 minutes
Broadcaster : Available

Filming: Quebec

Shark mission

With virtual reality headsets we present sharks living in various environments. The presentaiton take place in several schools across the province of Quebec.

Format: 1 x 5 minutes
Broadcaster : La Baleine Nomade
Coproduction: ProdAqua & VR2GO

Filming: Quebec


360 content creation for virtual reality broadcasting for everyone and with headsets.

Format: A multitude of possibilities
Broadcaster : Available
Coproduction: ProdAqua & VR2GO

Filming: Quebec or elsewhere!