Our history

ProdAqua is an audiovisual production company that specializes in aquatic imaging and in images taken under difficult conditions (extreme sports, high and low temperatures, aerial images, etc.). Our passion for technology and for artistic expression, along with our ability to film anywhere, allows us to tell your most beautiful stories (ou most exciting adventures). Lastly, we are also devoted to helping you discover the underwater world and to raising awareness about its fragility.

In 2015 at the end of his studies in a Multimedia Program in Quebec City, Manuel founded the company. In 2017, the enterprise officially became a sole proprietorship. The young manager chose the "Phare de la Hague" as an emblem of ProdAqua, because this lighthouse is related to his family history. In fact, his great grandfather was the supervisor of this lighthouse for several years. Exploration and the marine environment are anchored in ProdAqua's soul. The company is characterized by its multiculturalism and its specialization in natural environments.

Some say that Manuel could be the next Jacques Cartier.


Manuel AÑÒ (he/him)

Film Director
Explorer and Underwater Filmmaker
Rope Access Cameraman
Manuel is the CEO and founder of ProdAqua. Professional diver, explorer and athletic man, he developed his expertise in videography and photography during his studies in multimedia. Manuel decided to specialize his productions in footage taken under difficult conditions. His ability to film in unique environments such as high mountains, arid zones or in the air stimulates his creativity and enriches his work. Manuel is internationally renowned for his ability to produce images in freediving under the ice.

Sarah-Jeanne Parent-Laliberté (she/her)

Associate Producer
Sarah-Jeanne has several years of experience in the field of television as a researcher and assistant editor, therefore she has the chance to develop skills in to be a great production assistant. Her meticulousness, her thouroughness, but especially her contagious smile are qualities cherished by the team. Sarah-Jeanne is also involved as an administrative assistant for ProdAqua. Questions? Feel free to ask her!

Rémi Canton (he/him)

Virtual Reality Director
Rémi is an expert in 360 capture and virtual reality, who manages the young company VR2GO specialized in immersive videos and virtual reality content, since 2016. Rémi is also the director of immersive projects at ProdAqua, since 2018. He helps ProdAqua to be at the cutting edge of technology in 360 capture. We can rely on him to offer the most suitable solutions for specific shooting conditions for our clients.

Julio AÑÒ (he/him)

Explorer and Underwater Filmmaker
As a freediver and a diver for more than 10 years, Julio is a valuable asset to the team.He realized quite a few projects with us, and working mainly with Manuel and they developped an afficeient dans copmplementary duo. Having already been involved in many projects with us, he is used to work with our team, especially Manuel, which makes them a very effective and complementary duo. He has a wide range of skills and often works as a Director of Underwater Photography.

Sylvain Dalanson (he/him)

Director of Expeditions
Diving Director
As an instructor in Brittany, Sylvain dived many times in the strong tidal currents of the Gulf of Morbihan. Arriving in Canada, he worked as a manager in a diving store and he is now diving director at ProdAqua.He is the one behind all the hours of preparation of our diving expeditions!In addition to his work on the diving projects, Sylvain ensures safety in a hyperbaric environment, bi-annual equipment inspections and maintenance and the continuous training for all people working with us.

Nicolas Mithieux (he/him)

Director of Photography
Graduate photographer of the Institut de la photographie de Paris and member of the CAPIC (The Canadian Association Or Professional Image Creators), Nicolas is established in Montreal's South Shore where he developed N3 Production. His expertise in photographic report drives him to easily intervene in intense and demanding conditions. He shoots in nature and in studio. He helps ProdAqua to achieve a great image quality .

Pierre Lefebvre (he/him)

Director of Expeditions
Pierre has been a freediver for 20 years. Since 2018, he is an assistant instructor for Apnée Aquarius, a freedeving club in Montreal. He is an essential team member under water considering his experience. Under the ice, in a drift dive or in a swimming pool Pierre manages the most restrictive, but necessary equipment to upgrade our images. He is also the freediving instructor for actors, in some kind of shootings.

Marie-Edith Turcotte-Maltais (she/her)

Scientific Director
Marie-Edith is a bioecology technician, she is the newer member of the team. Her expertise in wildlife biology and in project management is a huge asset at ProdAqua. Aquatic environments passionate, she actively participates in the development of scientific contracts and expeditions. Marie-Edith is also a researcher for our specialized aquatic documentaries on wildlife. Her knowledge allows us to always be on time during species migrations.