Services and expertises

ProdAqua shoots for all types of broadcasting and platforms. Our vision as explorers brings originality and uniqueness as well as a creativty boost to all our productions. You have a particular idea in mind, a need for a specific broadcast or projection format? No stress…

We will realize your projects for the web, television, cinema or any other support required. We can develop your ideas in several formats such as clips, reports, fictions, feature, medium and short films.

Throughout the creation process, we'll be there for you and give you advice in order to help you meet your technical requirements.

Self-employed or working in a big business, it doesn't matter, because ProdAqua offers corporate, promotional, social production services or any type that will suits your needs. Video can enrich your content efficiently, but above all in a way entertaining and attractive!We can advise you on how to publish your production and make it more visible to your followers.

We're easily available in France and in Canada. Our team is used to travel.

Need a faster project ? ProdAqua offers a bank of produced video for your exhibitions, conferences, courses or any other need. Various exclusivity or broadcast rights packages are available.