Aquatic and underwater


Our office is such a beautiful place that our teams always take care to work in a responsible and sustainable way while diving or snorkeling. For example, we make a rigorous cleaning of our equipment to avoid carrying with us invasive species in non-colonized areas and we are really careful when approaching aquatic organisms. We must be aware that shooting images of wild animals means interacting and interfering in their bubbles. Our vision is that it must be done without disturbing and harming species and their habitats. Showing to the public these incredible species and animal behaviors should not be done at any cost and would have no meaning for us if it was done to their detriment.


Underwater film

Short, medium or full-length, ProdAqua offers production, directing, scripting services.


What do you like most about water? Swimming, freediving, diving course, big wave surfing, kayaking ? Wouldn't it be nice to have a memory?

Underwater photography

Do you want to showcase your product? Create a unique movie poster? Illustrate or document your scientific research project? We create aquatic photo studios in swimming pools, aquariums or in a natural environment.

Unique underwater image available

You need pictures under the ice or of a particular aquatic ecosystem? Chances are we've already captured your dream image.

Ice diving & cold waters

Taking pictures is an exercise that requires a lot of attention and expertise. So when we add to that an outside temperature of -30 ° C, the task of making a hole in 2 meters of ice and then immerse ourselves in water at -2 ° C for 3 hours of shooting with bulky equipment, this is a whole different story.

Did you know that we are one of the only companies in the world to film under ice while freediving?

Scientific Data Collection

We are pleased to have among our team a scientific manager as well as several certified scientific divers. We have collaborated on varied projects for the scientific community such as in marine biology, archeology, study and observation of endangered aquatic ecosystems, in aquariums with research projects, etc.

Advanced Technologies

Outside transmission

Would you like to have outside transmission of the underwater images taken live so that the production team can follow and direct the filming like any other project out of the water? Well it is possible, whether in a swimming pool studio or in an outdoor studio (natural environment). Also, you will be able to guide the underwater film crew through the submerged communications system.

Live broadcast

In the era of 5G, internet where content explodes and where the public is overflowing with images and information, new technologies offer a way to broadcast content that will not be unnoticed! Live 360 shooting is a particularly effective method when it comes to increasing broadcast reach for the web. This technology is also very interesting in events where, for example, the diving team is followed live by spectators via an outside screen. Via specialized diving masks divers communicate with the surface and the public can interact directly with them.

360 degree production

Don't want to miss anything? Underwater 360 imaging offers new possibilities of discovery! Whether via a virtual reality headset, on a computer or even projected in a spherical 360 cinema, the public will live an immersive experience more realistic than ever. Under the ice, in the wrecks of the Second World War, under the drifting ice of the St. Lawrence river or even with blacktip sharks on a majestic coral reef, we have a large catalog of underwater documentaries.

Other services

Equipment rental

You need to take aquatic images? We have multiple solutions for standard, aquatic and underwater filming, up to 135 meters deep. Some of the ultra-technical equipment is only available for hire if accompanied by one of our technician. This simplifies production work and insurance issues in the event of equipment breakdown.

Aquatic imaging tips

Do you have a project idea ? Need a picture that generates humidity or camera immersion issues? A simple low-angle shower plan? Or underwater images from 100 meters deep? Our experts are able to give you sound advice avoiding unpleasant surprises and additional costs.

Aquatic training

If you need to train your teams, technician / actor to diving or freediving, our instructors are there for you. They will train your teams with a specifically developed course for the cinema field. Here in Montreal, in our pools or closer to home, we take care of everything.

Our trainings

- Intervention in a Hyperbaric environment, class I (30 m - air)
- Intervention in a Hyperbaric environment, class II (50 m - air)
- Mention A-Diving activities
- PSE1 - Team First Aid Level 1
- First aid aptitude specific to hyperbaric work
- Cardio-rescue / DEA / Anaphylaxis CNESST

Our team respects the Canadian (DCBC) and French standards of underwater imaging and has the recognition for offshore activities: HSE -IMCA.

- ROC - Restricted Operator Certificate
- Pleasure Craft Operator Card
- Closed Circuit Rebreather diving
- CMAS freedivers
- Whitewater guide
- Near-drowning Certificate
- Visual Cylinder Inspector
- Valve Repair Technician
- Oxygen Cylinder Cleaning Technician


In most western countries, commercial diving operations are highly regulated. Any operation (work or intervention) in the aquatic environment, whether carried out in standard diving (scuba) or with commercial diving equipment, must be done by certified commercial divers. The only exception is for recreational diving training.

It could be tempting to hire a scuba diver who is equipped for taking an underwater images, but you should be aware that hiring or assigning a person or a team who does not have legal certifications exposes to serious consequences, especially in case of accident.

Working with experts who have professional diving insurance and certificates and up-to-date medical exams, equipment duly revised and annually maintained, is not only a strategic and judicious choice, but it is also a responsible decision which discharges productions of any responsibility in case of concerns.

What to expect from a professional diving team:
-Each diver must have a certification of commercial diving for hyperbaric work.(Canada: DCBC)
-Each diver must have a medical certificate for hyperbaric work (which must be renewed from 1 to 2 years, depending on the country). Only a hyperbaric department doctor can release this type of certificate.
-Revised equipment (each cylinder must be inspected annually and pass a hydrostatic test at least each 5 years, the diving regulators must be inspected annually and the Bcds every 2 years).
-Each diver must have first aid certification specific to hyperbaric work.
-An emergency plan must be established for each contract.
-An oxygen therapy kit must be available on site.
-An emergency medical kit must always be on the workplace and duly filled in for diving activities.

Don't hesitate to request these documents when submitting a contract. This is a classic step that anyone working in the field is used to.


The environment in which divers work is often hostile: current, reduced visibility, obstacles, restricted space, etc. The importance of safety in the field of underwater activities is therefore essential since physical integrity and the lives of the staff are subject to higher risk factors than in the context of surface activities.

For a long time now, ProdAqua has been documenting a prevention program concerning these general activities. As part of specific projects, a specific prevention program is developed to meet the needs of our customers.

ProdAqua recognizes that the achievement of its objectives must be done by ensuring the safety and protecting the health of its partners. This concern must be constantly reflected in all actions, in the behavior of the staff, at all levels of the organization.

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