Productions under difficult conditions

Images for all types of conditions...

Extreme cold

We have the skills and the equipment to shoot for you in the coldest places in the world.

High mountains

High winds, snow, reduced view, it will be a pleasure for us to help you to capture your most beautiful adventures to the summit!

Ice climbing

No matter your climbing skill level, we will capture this moment of determination.

Arid zones

We follow you all around the arid world to carry out your most exotic and intense productions.

Tropical environment

Our equipment used in underwater environment will not be afraid of wet environment... really wet environment!

Working at Height

We are not afraid of heights. We have a head for heights, so bring us your highest projects.

Continuous Shot

If you need continuous uninterrupted shots or to shoot over several hours, our team will be happy to do it f you. We can also edit content simultaneously if necessary. Who really need to sleep 8 hours per day?!

Extreme sports

ProdAqua will face the technical challenges to capture you the most beautiful shots, in recreational or competitive sports.

Adventure shooting

Your project involved rough conditions in remote areas, our team will follow you ans shoot without compromising the quality of images.
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